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Georgie Osborne

Interior Designer

Passionate about interior design and architecture, Georgie Osborne studied at Nottingham Trent University.  Since 2017 Georgie has been consulting for one of the UK’s most well-known flooring specialists, Maples and Birch Georgie focuses on providing a young and vibrant perspective as she continually seeks out new trends inspired by fashion houses and global architectural designs.

Interior design specialist working on residential, commercial, leisure, education, hospitality and retail.

Georgie Osborne Interiors specialise in creating personal, individually- designed spaces with a particular emphasis on flooring as an integrated creative element. Directly responsible for the design process, she personally supervises all projects and is supported by a trusted network of skilled specialists.  We follow a specific design process to achieve the results desired.

  • Meet clients to discuss their requirements and ideas
  • Develop designs to suit clients' needs, their budget and the type of building
  • Prepare initial sketches or models for the client to approve
  • Advise on colour schemes, fabrics, fittings and furniture
  • Work out costs and prepare estimates
  • Create detailed drawings from the initial sketches, usually using computer-aided design (CAD)
  • Find fittings, furniture, fabrics, and wall and floor coverings

Experience and beautiful aesthetics.

Georgie Osborne Two Mugs
Two Mugs Design Sketches


My passion is working closely with interesting companies to visually elevate their brand. Sometimes I am available to develop new freelance projects. Let's talk & find a fit.

For any work proposal send an email:

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